Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader Pt.2
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Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader Pt.2

" We've hung out alone plenty of times!where is Kenma today? Usually, he'd walk you home."

"He went into town to get this new game that came out today. I told him he didn't have to wait for me since I'd take a while."

"I feel obligated to walk you home in your brother's place."

You rolled your eyes at his self-righteous behavior. "You really don't have to do that, Kuroo."

"I know. But I want to." His words sounded gentler than usual, sending an arrow straight through your heart and a hot blush across your cheeks. You quickly averted your eyes and began walking.

"D-do whatever you want."

"Hehehe. Alright then~"

The two of you walked together in a comfortable silence until you felt something on your head. Your hand rose and placed itself on a wet spot in your hair.

"What the- Rain?" As if on command, heavy rain started to pour on your poor unfortunate souls, but without a second to lose, Kuroo had grabbed your hand and began leading you to god knows where.

"Wh-where are we going?!"

"You'll see!"


"I hate you."

"What? It's not my fault I always get what I want." You eyed your captain angrily as you stood in the entrance of his house, shivering and soaked to the bone.

"You planned this, didn't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said as he led you upstairs in his empty home. "And don't worry. My parents are on a business trip, so you won't get any weird questions."

'I think being alone with you actually makes me worry more, Kuroo.'

"Great..." Obediently following behind him like a lost puppy, you walked into his room. A few posters here, some clothes scattered there.

It was pretty normal for a teenage boy, especially for a womanizer like Kuroo.

Too deep into your thoughts, you hadn't noticed him leave your side, only to come back with a towel and a change of clothes in hand.

"Here. Go dry yourself off and put these on." Your onyx haired crush shoved the fabrics in your arms and spun you around, "the bathroom's right down the hall," then shut the door.

You stood for a second, blinking in confusion until your shivers had caught up to you. You quickly found the bathroom and shut the door, ready to pry the icy clothes from your skin.

With the towel now wrapped around you, you basked in its fluffy warm, enchanted by the fresh laundry fragrance it held.

But then you realized: you had something that belonged to Kuroo right in front of you. Finally dry, you slipped on the shirt and shorts he had lent you just minutes before.

In an instant, you were immersed in a familiar scent you knew only to be Kuroo's. It was as if he was holding you in his arms again, this time without any joking or ulterior motives.

Sadly, you were drawn out of your fantasy when you phone began buzzing.

You sighed heavily and picked it up, eyes scanning the screen for information.


From: Kenma-nii-chan

Message: Where are you, (first)? I just got home and you're not here.

From: Me

Reply: I got caught in the rain with Kuroo-senpai so I'm waiting it out at his house.

From: Kenma-nii-chan

Message: ... I'm coming to get you right now.

"Aw, man... Kenma's gonna freak out when he gets here..." Phone in hand, you gathered your things and made your way back to Kuroo's room.

"Hey, Kuroo, just be warned, Kenma's gonna-" Barging in without warning, you walked in on him, half naked and shirtless.

You felt your cheeks heat up and your legs turn to jelly as you ogled at his beautifuly toned chest. You probably should have knocked, but thank god you didn't.

"Jeez, (first). Ever hear of knocking," he teased as he slipped on a T-shirt. You hid your steaming face behind the wet pile of clothes in your hands.

"Sh-shut up..." Kuroo chuckled at your flushed form as he took the dripping bundle from your hands and began walking downstairs.

"You wait here. I'm gonna go dry these for you."

"Okay," you mumbled in a voice that was barely audible. Alone once again, you started twiddling your thumbs as you walked around, examining your crush's room.

Some trophies, pictures of classmates and family, even a few school certificates. If he wasn't already perfect before, you definitely thought he was now.

Handsome, smart, sweet, when he wanted to be of course. Kuroo seemed like the whole package. Of course he could pick any girl he wanted, and it was never going to be you.


"Ah!" You jumped at the sudden noise, back pressed against the wall and hand over your heart. "D-dammit, Kuroo! What the hell?!"

"Hmp. I couldn't help it. You just looked so unsuspecting," he gloated, grinning like a cheshire cat. "Here. Have a cherry as an apology."

"A cherry?" You eyed the mysterious red fruit that you'd pulled out of the bag he'd presented you with. "Why a cherry?"

"Because I love them and they're the only thing I have in my fridge. Do you not like cherries?"

"It's not that I don't like them. It's just... I've never had one."

Wide-eyed, Kuroo firmly grabbed your shoulders. "What? You've never had a cherry?!"

"N-no..." you mumbled, staring at the specs of eraser shavings and snack crumbs on the ground.

"Wow. I've never met anyone who hasn't had a cherry before. What kind of rock are you living under, (first)?" He strolled over to his bed and sat on its edge.

"Sh-shut up. I've had cherry flavored things, oky?" Mimicking his actions, you sat on the edge slightly away from him. "I just like other fruits more..."

"Well, now's your chance to try one."

"Do I have to?"


"Ugh, fine." Rolling your eyes again, you stared down the crimson fruit and eventually took a bite. A small smile began making its way onto your lips. "Hmm...

This is pretty good- Ack!" In an instant, you started choking on the cherry pit that lay hidden from view.

Kuroo quickly came to your aid, patting and rubbing your back gently until you gained your breathe back. "Ow... Why didn't you tell me there was a seed in there?!"

"I thought you already knew-"

"How the hell am I supposed to know that? I've never had one before!"

"I thought it was just common knowledge that all fruits had a seed in the middle."

Damn, he was right. But you weren't going to admit that to him of all people.

Instead, you shoved your hand back into the bag and pulled out another cherry, plopping it into your mouth, this time aware of its deadly seed.

Kuroo's eyes stared at your soft, red lips rounding the cherry's smooth sides, your pink tongue making a quick cameo before the fruit was hidden by those same plum lips.

He bit his own to repress the urge he felt to kiss them, to bite the, to make them his, to just-

"Hey, (first). You wanna play a game?"

"Um... Okay? What game?"

"Tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue."

You squinted at him like he was an idiot, which he was sometimes. "How the hell is that a game?"

"Because~ We get to compete to see who's the better kisser~" The blush that painted your cheeks only made Kuroo's sly grin widen.

He grabbed a cherry from the bag and swiftly dismembered it, spitting the pit out with ease.

"Well, (first)? Care to take my challenge?" he asked seductively, leaning in and shoving the stem in your face.

You quickly pushed him away and stared anywhere but at him. "W-why the hell would I want to play your stupid game?"

"Because I wanna prove that I'm the better kisser. I do have a lot more experience that you, ya' know."

"Tch. Just because you're a manwhore doesn't mean you're a good kisser, Kuroo."

"Ouch. That hurt," he feigned pain with a hand on his chest. "But I'm sure you're just saying that because you know I'm right."


"Yes you are~"

"No I'm not!"

"Then prove it," he said, presenting you with the stem once more. You glared at him, then at the stem. Finally, you gave into your stubbornness and snatched it from his hand.

"Fine, then. I will!" With another stem ready to go, your caramel-eyed crush sat up straight and began brought them stem close.

"Ready... GO!" In your mouths the stems went, swirling in stew of hot saliva pressed between your cheeks and tongues.

After about 10 seconds of trying, your tongue started to tire and you wondered if Kuroo felt the same.

You looked up to see a smug expression written all over his face, and for some reason it irked you.

The newly added fuel to your fire brought a wave of determination not to lose, even if it was a pointless game Kuroo had probably made up.

A few seconds later, Kuroo stuck his tongue out, and on it laid a neatly tied cherry stem. By the time you'd finished he had already placed it on his table in victory.

"I told you I was the better kisser."

"No you're not! You only won because you cheated!"

"Oh really, now? And how exactly did I cheat?"

"You started before me... And besides, you've probably played this game before so you probably practiced it. Cheater."

"Whatever. You're just upset that I'm better at it than you."

"No you're not!"

"You wanna bet?" his deep voice sung as he leaned in close.

"B-bet on what...?"

"Your first kiss."

"Wha-" In an instant, Kuroo's lips had met yours for a passionate kiss. Biting and sucking, soft moans escaped the small figure that shivered under his touch.

With a hand behind your head and an arm around your waist, his onslaught of tongue kissing continued for what seemed like forever, or at least, what you wanted to be forever,

until the two of you finally broke apart, gasping for air.

Anxious to see your sweet blushing face, Kuroo was baffled when he saw tears streaming down your flushed cheeks. "I'm sorry... Did you really not want it that much?"


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