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A letter to the next girl

A Letter

by neilari

To the next girl my exboyfriend dates

Please believe me when I say, I am not someone to fear or hate. I am just the past, and you are his future.

One thing you do have to accept is that, I am part of his story. I am a story in his life, that you might compare yourself to. Trust me, don't do that. That'll just ruin you.

I do wish you success, and happiness. And, so, there are some things I would like to share to help you.

Let me tell you that he LOVES video games. And more then anything, you should try to understand why by playing with him. He'll like that, and he's patient enough to teach you.

He's introverted, but works very hard not to show it. His inner battery runs out when he's with people too long, but don't take it personal.

He doesn't believe he has a nice smile, so he doesn't take pictures. But when he laughs you'll realize he's wrong.

When he holds you, that is his way of saying thank you. And when he looks at you a little longer then usual, that is his way of saying he love you.

There's so much I can say. I'm sure you'll figure out the rest. I don't want to take away too much from you.

I hope you let me stick around long enough to see him fall in love with you. All I want is to let go knowing that he's happy.

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