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neil_clair13 Community member
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You can shatter my bones and tear my skin. But you will never break me so go ahead and grin

Words Hurt

They can shatter your bones and tear your skin,

But it will never break me so go ahead and grin

Yet the things you say makes me want to cry

When you spoke those things, it made me want to die

Those words you speak causes the pain in my heart

And all it does is just tear me apart.

Besides all the rainbow colours

There is only one shade that doesn't mean you're my lover.

Red; color of blood; the color of a ball,

And the color of the words I write on my wall.

They are spoken from strangers

Or spoken from your friends

I guess that's just the way how it ends.

But keep in mind before you speak,

Words can only be forgiven not forgotten

"Witch! Crazy! Ugly and Rotten!"

Aggression solves nothing

Take a day for some hugging.

And before you blurt,

Remember that words can hurt.

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