Winter Deathland
Winter Deathland  snow stories

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And lo behold! Mountains upon mountains of dead frozen bodies!

Winter Deathland

The icy mountains that I know so well

The range that towers above everything else

The biting wind that claws at your neck

The stormy clouds that cry down their blood

The slippery slopes that pull and drag you down

These dangerous peaks that beckon you to come

Burying bodies under tons of white sand

Unknown waves that pull and push

Hiding all their secrets until the net year comes

The fiery sun glares down on the crisp white padding

The never ending frozen water that is stretched upon miles and miles

A vast land of glittering water and green covered peaks

But even in the Summer, the dark is still here

One day I walked and lo behold!

Mountains upon mountains of dead frozen bodies

Both of people and animals alike

The bodies start to stink as it succumbs to the summer heat

Then I cry out!

My sweet Lira's body lay on top of a pile of snow

My hands shake as I reach out to stroke her blue face, to touch her hands that once caressed my cheeks, to feel the once soft black as night locks that tumbled down her back, to kiss the once warm rosy lips that playfully laughed and smile

This curse that has gripped me!

The once Wintery wonderland that I loved has grasped my love's hands

And the devil has taken her away to his cold dark castle of ice.

This once brilliant shining wonderland

Has become, a Wintery Deathland

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