When Sins meets Virtues
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17 Beings who reside, 17 Beings who are foes, And only when there's a story, Do they come out to the light.

When Sins meets Virtues

by necromancer

Chastity (Castitas) & Lust (Luxuria)

The place that the two meet

Is known for regret

Where night turns to day

And where pain melt to pleasure

Temperance (Temperantia) & Gluttony (Gula)

The sound when the two meet

Is like melting snow

Where water drips slowly

As they both wait for the other, to make the first move.

Charity (Caritas) & Greed (Avaritia)

The smell of burnt bodies

As the two seldom fight

The war that rages on

Until they resign

Diligence (Industria) & Sloth (Acedia)

One sprints lively whiles the other dances slowly

As they challenge each to a Danse Macabre

On the sunset of a new day

They finally rest

Patience (Patientia) & Wrath (Ira)

The latter wrecks havoc

Whiles another calmly stands

On the pathway to heaven

As the other still fights

Kindness (Benevolentia) & Envy (Invidia)

As kindness sings sweetly and envy glowers green

Around and around the rosie

The shoot green and blue

Until each one tires out and fades into the morning dew

Humility (Humilitas) & Pride (Superbia)

He boasts while she withdraws

Into the intricate scarlet night

A bland landscape that has wounded

both Pride and Humility alike

I have presented to you a story

That tells a one of Sins

That tells a one of Virtues

When both fail to fix

The universe they created

And the people who reside within

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