Tick Tock Goes the Clock
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Ash fades away with every beat,
bones crumble with every turn,
humans waste away with every new year,
but the neverending source is always here...

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

by necromancer


1900 is the year, when strange things happened. 1900 is the year, where the world was still a clean atmosphere. 1900 is the year, that brought us hope throughout our peers.


Now I take you through these years, Boy Scouts started. Now to 1912 here, Titanic sunk same time as thee. 1914 World War One began, 1916 in the world, known for silk, its last emperor falls.


Now it is the year of discovery, 1922, King Tut was found, 1923, Hitler jailed for cruel, Winter Olympics first began, in 1924, oh so glad. 1926, Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan,


1930 is the time, where Gandi walked and Pluto was sought. 1932, Amelia Earhart flies, first woman in the air who flew her wings up high, 1933, Adolf Hitler appointed, 1937, Japan invades China.


Auschwitz opens in this fateful year, 1942, Anne Frank goes to hiding, 1948, Gandhi is dead, and lastly 1949, first flight non-stop around the world.


Korean War begins, 1952, Princess Elizabeth II becomes queen, DNA discovered, in 1953, 1955, Disneyland opens, and lastly 1956, Hungarian Revolution begins.


1962, Marilyn Monroe is dead, Next year the impossible happened, JFK is now dead, 1964, Beatles come to life, 1968, Martin Luther's dead. This is the year of tragedy, death so said,


1975, Two Assassination Attempts Against U.S. President Gerald Ford, 1977. beloved Elvis found dead, and lastly, 1979, Margaret Thatcher First Woman Prime Minister of Great Britain.


Twas was the year, John Lennon was murdered, 1982, Michael Jackson released a new hit single, Thriller. 1985, Titanic's wreck was found, and last but not least, 1989 World Wide Web was created.


Nelson Mandela freed, 1995, Oklahoma City Bombing, 1997, first Harry Potter book released.


Marks the new century, new era and a new year. But also the turn of millennium brings doom. day after day, night after night. terror rages on. But humanity still holds, the neverending source...



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