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'And so, in death we shall reunite.'

Reaper of Death

A breath fogged up the mirror as he stared into the eyes of a blank person.

No longer did he stay until death will awake.

He knew his time had come, as many had said before.

With his sickly thin body and gaunt face, he could not have been more than 17 years.

As Death himself descended to reap. The soul of this young man.

He felt something stir quietly within and continued to watch the dying man.

Finally, in his last minutes of living, Death revealed himself to the youth.

The youth did not fear, even squeal for his life.

Death thought this to be alluring and seductive.

But the young man collasped and smiled weakly upwards.

Towards the waiting cloaks of darkness that would embrace him.

'Are you scared my love?' Death asked him aflamed.

His lover coughed once, then coughed once more.

'As long as you're here, I am not afraid.'

As the man drew in his last shaky breath.

Death admired his lover's enchanting body. So limp and lifeless as it once was lively and free.

But Death had a job and a story to fill.

So he took a last look and pulled the soul away.

This is the world of the darked and the strayed.

The world of a Reaper and his Death.

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