reaching the bridge to peace
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there's a saying that goes 'at the end of every rainbow there's a pot of gold'
but what if on a rainbow you slide down to the end,
only to find that there was never,
a reward, a treasure or peace.
you may never know,
but you'll be searching for the bridge to peace

reaching the bridge to peace

by necromancer

ever since he passed

into the world of the dead and cold

he has been searching

for that key to the other side

searching for the key to peace

ever since that fateful night

where his breath left his body cold

he has been searching for a bridge

a bridge to the other world

he stepped on one stone at a time

walking like a newborn baby

cautiously trying each wobbly step

but he was walking for eternity

the path was always out of reach

to him and only him

patiently waiting faithfully

patiently waiting for eternity

he walked on and on and on

always seeing the edge of the bridge

but taunted by it as he walked

he ran and walked and danced and sung

but never knew that his end of the journey would never come

so he walked and walked and walked and walked

searching for that light of hope

searching for that piece of light

searching for his resting bed

searching for the bridge of peace

but he never knew that at the end of his journey,

there would be a cliff

Author's note

This story was in a riddle style If you figured out the story comment down below and I'll reply whether you were close to the answer or not. or maybe if you get it right or not...

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