Me and my boys

Me and my boys  airforce stories

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My beauties Charlie, Leo and Jack.
Sent to war and never came back.
And my heart belongs with them and their smiles.

Me and my boys

The fighter jet roars to life, spluttering like a person fighting for breath.

The shiny RE8 beckoned with her fantastic craftsmanship and fine detailing.

I longed to climb aboard that beauty and ride her into the heavens above

My boys and I, Charlie, Leo and Jack, excitedly clambered into one each after months of gruesome training.

'Alex mate' my best buddy Charlie called out, 'Ain't this a fine girl you got there?'

'The finest around I reckon.' Leo grinned at me as Jack finished checking his own aircraft.

'A bit jealous but this old girl will do.' Jack wistfully sighed as he stared longingly at my jet.

We joked around a lot. I admit that we were fools. Because in less than a month. Me and my boys were called in to the front in Belgium.

Within a few weeks there. The other officers were gone. A bullet shot, a broken rudder, a failing tail and more.

It was then I wished in silence. That I had stayed at home. In the comfort of my own home. Seeing red as love as not blood.

Because one month later. My boys had all been stolen.

And what was left of our happiness/

Was a broken empty shell.

I returned home a year later

And my family rushed to greet me

But all that was left in my body.

Were shells of shrapnel and fire.

And I lived for another month.

But my mind was not in a right state

Because when my mates had been stolen

My heart had been stolen away.

As I sat on the edge of the cliff, my legs dangling limply.

I remembered the sweet face of my beloved Charlie. The shining face of my betrothed Leo. The angelic face of my entwined Jack.

I remembered my duty was to them.

So I left this world to find them

Because in the darkness of the night

Me and my mates will never be alone.

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