by nightfall
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day to night
life to death
heaven to hell
I wait with each passing era
until I become no more

by nightfall

by necromancer

my breath fogs up the window as I gaze at the endless night

I long for the inked black heaven

filled with stars that have been scattered around

I think to myself in my glass prison

What it'll be like in the dark

With only the moonlight to guide me

I sigh with a longing for feeling

I've been trapped in this cube of reflection

for as long as long can be

an eternity won't do my sentence justice

so I wait for my punishment to end

yet as I wait with each passing day

each passing night as well

I wonder when I'll be freed

with false hope that stains my walls

i keep on waiting

but my relief never comes

and by nightfall

all that's left is my broken empty shell

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