A confession spelled out in blood

A confession spelled out in blood soldier stories

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Two words I never thought I would suffer through.

A confession spelled out in blood

That bus that took them away one day

That fence that surrounded them and locked them away

That darkness that enclosed them as their cries filled the air

The soldiers that marched them back to their homeland.

That was filled with war and death.

They left our sunburnt country.

of water, sun and rain

Our dusty home rimmed corners and our bright and sunny lanes.

At the age of 20, I was a fool to the world and the others

So I set about with the cruel.

And banished the souls that begged for shelter.

And this is the confession

written in blood, bone and flesh.

This is my confession

Of killing those residing in the mesh.

And still 10 years later.

I'll admit

This is my confession

About my guilt and cruelness

And towards this I confessed

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