Interview with @astralnever <3

Interview with @astralnever <3 interview stories

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Interview with @astralnever <3

First question: How did you find Commaful and what compelled you to join it?

"Well I was just looking for fanfic and I joined when I saw the loginXD"

Pfft, that's hilarious-

Next question: What do you like most about Commaful?

"the sims. they're fun to join"


Next: What do you hate most about Commaful?

"mhm, poems. i can't do them"

That makes sense.

Next: Has your Commaful experience been good or bad?

"it been good"

That's great!

Last but not least... What advice do you have for the aspiring writers out there?

"Dont Try to hard to reach fame, do what you love what is truly what you like."

"Your writing will always be great and someone will always be there to like it."

That's great advice!

Thank you for attending this interview.

Have a great day/noon/night!

"You too!"

- Interview End -

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