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Here's a short conversation taking place between Lord Krishna and the queen Rukmini.


Rukmini sat by the window, looking at the vast kingdom of Dwarka . So vast that there was only Dwarka as far as her eyes could see.

Notwithstanding what was before her eyes, her mind and heart only thought of Krishna all the time. But today was different... Agitated thoughts had ensnared the senses of the aesthetic queen.

She was clearly distracted.

Then came Krishna ,the bearer of the peacock feather and the mysterious and bewitching king of Dwarka. He was truly Mohan(the one who attracts the mind) .

No sooner did he cast a look at Rukmini than he knew just what was going on in her mind. "My queen, what you think is baseless. You are truly exquisite.

Please stop this practice of finding faults in yourself for they aren't going to lead you anywhere."

"Stop flattering me for I know you too well.

Pray tell me what I lack in that Radha possesses- beauty , wits , values or something else?

" "O Rukmini! Nothing in this world exists that you lack in !" "Then what is so different between the two maidens?"was Rukmini's prompt question.

Krishna said"That she is something way above this world! That she is the angel that makes the moon himself to forget his own luminescence and sing for her words of praise!"

" Pray tell me again , which quality do I lack in to become your soulmate?" The silence made her agitation increase by leaps and bounds. "Agitation, my queen.

" Said Krishna correctly identifying the emotion on Rukmini's face . "That knowest she, that I dwell in her and she dwells in me.

And when that is known, how can there be place for agitation and insecurity?? "

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