Once upon a time there was a coach with a secret.

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A story of ambition, risky strategy, friendship and secrecy.

Once upon a time there was a coach with a secret.

He did a lot of social media scouting...

He soon realized there were a lot of angry people venting...

One of them was a very well-known figure... his good friend LBJ

He found out there was something odd, quite peculiar...

A certain word was repeated over and over to some recipients... a kind of encrypted message...

Finally, there was an Eureka! moment. It was time to step up

LBJ, I'm a friend. I've been studying your messages for a while. I know the lingo. From now on I'll be CL - I have something for you...

Intrigued, LBJ decided to talk with him using that language.

"I'm someone very close to you. I understood what you meant. You were searching for an ally. I can help. I have an idea.", said CL.

They met in a well-known social media chat room.

"Who are you?", asked LBJ. "I'm the one who always listens but rarely gets to speak. The one that talks to you on the bench... you feel me?

Ok, GF is my nick from now on. What do you have in mind, CL?

Here' the plan. On the night we play the Warriors... we'll lose on purpose... a loss so epic that everyone could justify letting him go...

So we can finally work together like we always wanted!

"Indeed", said a calm CL. You'll have to convince a few of your colleagues to play badly, though. "That's not a problem", said GF.

Ok, let me just collect my different coats and start this OP

"Ok, be discrete", said CL. "A lot of eyes will be on us", he added. "Please...have I told you I'm an actor?", LBJ expressed, using an Emoji.

Ok bro, gonna practice my speech to convince the Gilbert.

"Ok. I'll practice on my statements to the media as well. Do you think we can pull this off?" "Please... don't be ridiculous. I'm the Cleveland Godfather!"

The rest, as they say, is history.

In the end, the Godfather always throws adversity aside!

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2 years agoReply
Whoa! I think this is the first time I've seen a basketball situation told as a story. So cool!! Well done @nbascholar

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@nbascholar I love it haha. People definitely want it. I'm a huge basketball fan so would love to see more stories a long these lines!

2 years agoReply
NBA storylines + NBA Scholar storytelling skills + Pencil = Mesmerizing Gif stories (and that might be an understatement :-)

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Nice story!!! I like how you were able to narrate that story so well using the images!!