Crave For His Love🖤

       Crave For His Love🖤 stories
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nazneensayyedTrying to express through my words🖤
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Isn't it painful when you know that you both are not meant to be together in the end, still can't help but love them 🖤

Crave For His Love🖤

There are times when I want to lay down on his chest and confess how much I love him; when I want to hug him tight and beg to stay for one more day;

when I want to entangle his fingers into mine and confront the entire world saying please don't take him away from me, But, at the same time I realise this is beyond the bounds of possibility;

and this realisation of not so possible crave has held me back, It reminds me that we ain't made to complete each other.

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