Broken Soul 🖤

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nazneensayyedTrying to express through my words🖤
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Sometimes its not one more try but its finally the end🖤

Broken Soul 🖤

She is so broken this time that even he can't fix her,

He tries his best though to reach this goal, Oblivious of fhe fact that this time its not the heart but her broken soul.

Love is not always when two hearts meet, But rather its the understanding between the two that leads.

Sometimes being loved is not the only crave, What matters is also the sacrifices you gave.

Love is love when you give it your all, Or else you experience your massive fall.

Forget about the words, even his actions can't bring her back, He'll hunt the entire life where did his love lacked.

The broken soul had given up on him... And no forces could ever take her back to him...

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