Dark Heart
Dark Heart thriller stories

nazishsabir -24. I write stories and poems.
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I will sink deep down in my guilts...

Dark Heart

No, my story is not filled with perfections not even full of blame games. I am a victim of my own thoughts and my own feelings. My insurrection from this trap didn't play my side.

I tried to escape but all in vain.

I just don't know why it is so.

I always wanted to be a good being. Bearing no hatred and evilness for anyone else. I focussed to live a life as simple as I can.

From adjusting myself to any situation to not burdening anyone else with my needs. However, it is not all gold and good in the end. I suffer.

Seeing people happy should make me happy- because I want happiness for people but no, I always find myself in a struggle to do so. My heart hurts.

Why can't I be happy for others?! Is it jealousy or envy?

I ask myself again and again but I find answers which say: You are happy for others. You are a good being. You can't think of that.

This makes me smile and believe that Yes!! I am of no harm to anyone. It sets my heart at peace.

Yet again I cry at nights, and even during prayers asking why do I have a dark heart?

Yet again I cry of letting people suffer because of me- because of my head and dark heart.

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