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The biggest threat!

Fighting Void

“STAND! Adjust your feet to glue to the earth.

Chin up and don’t ever drop it. Let everything rise and wear you perfectly as armor.

Be ready to dodge, they’re not expecting invitations. Let them plunge and plunge into the air that makes you gracious.

Don’t worry it won’t be long until they wear off, you have to stay calm. Then make your move and don’t step aside.

They’ll be weak and you’ll be able to manage, so finish it off with all your might”.

She was her conscious and they were her demons. Bearing the daunting of her thoughts as weapons.

They were her nightmares and society in a silhouette. They were her fears built of muscles and bones.

They arrived to hurt and arrived to charge, arrived to confuse and arrived to discourse her off the cloud she held on to by a strand.

They were her threats, that she’ll have to overcome. Living in plain sight, invisible as they hide.

Beaten and bleeding strength. Hope all splattered, streaming between the tiles.

She’s stuck in a void where silence screams unbearably. She got tired of holding her breath and decided to defend the atom of her that was left.

Then she gasped, consuming all the loneliness in one blink. Pain built her skies and grasses, she let the rain fall and was soaked full of life.

More alive than a heist gone wrong.

She declared a battle against her own shadows. And rebuilt herself of diamonds and gold unpolished.

Then she heard STAND! And she knew training began.

She’ll destroy all of “they” and defy whoever protests. Hunting them down until they're finally in focus.

She’ll survive to be revived and fight to be revered. And she won’t lose herself; she has her hands wrapped tight on the path she creates.

Because for all who don’t know, she Is the biggest threat!.

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