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Heart of a library!

Alphabetical Journeys

Just one walk through its hall and everything feels timeless.

Stored with care and sorted to its accordance.

Shelves filled with adventures,

that you can't help but ponder.

What lies in every section?

Rows and rows of paper knowledge, fitted into doors of various kingdoms.

Waiting for the palms of a soul, who seeks to discover.

Just choose a single one and it guarantees you a roller coaster.

Although this hall is just a galaxy sitting in a corner.

Difference in every queue, makes you fall in love like you were hit with the flu.

There's a lot of books to devour in the little time you have acquired.

So use it wisely whenever you stroll in this galaxy.

It'll always be there for your alphabetical odysseys.

It never runs away, it stays there in its entirety.

Waiting for the next soul, to tour its heart of a library.

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