The Life Story Of A Dreamer-1
The Life Story Of A Dreamer-1 stories

nayana123Community member
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This is only a starting but it will continue as u go counting the stars.

The Life Story Of A Dreamer-1

I wish to start by rewinding myself about an old read quote from the back of my notebook. Iam not completely remembering that one but it was like "the world want dreamers who do".

It's a fact that everyone loves to dream,Iam also one among them. Iam always in the pool of dreamz whenever Iam enjoying my own company.

I am funny interested in making my head feel heavy by thinking too much .Its quite funny that I like the present and future tense than loading my past tense.

Iam constantly in search of that dreamer i.e myself.Sometymz its better to realise the fact that we should spend time with ourselves to rediscover us from the discovery of others.

Thus the story of a dreamer is going to start by parts.Stay tuned.

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