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What is Kid Women

What is Kid Women

Kidd means cunning and trickery, so Kid's women literally mean the trickery of women. These qualities are bad qualities, as the deception and deception lead to deception,

and deception needs planning and management to try to change the truth or hide it to reach the intended and intended of this act,

and deception needs planning and management to try to change the truth or hide it to reach the intended and intended of this act,

condemnation of others and underestimation of their importance and importance, who follows these methods do not see in this world only himself and his interest.

The history of his events is full of intrigues and intrigues in which the hand of women was the main engine, which would upset the balances

and resulted in many losses; it killed the lives and destroyed the lives of others and took them happiness, and had a great impact in our reality now

The sad thing is that sometimes you find out that the nearest people are trying to play against you and that you are intrigued, and without knowing you find yourself betrayed and betrayed

all for reasons that can only be explained by sheer selfishness, hatred and envy. And from the women's hand what we hear about him and what we see from Kid's wives

brother or uncle's aunt or aunt and girlfriends and other examples that have often been destroyed and messed with the lives and happiness of people

you certainly hear the oddities and wonders of such behaviors, which sometimes the interpretation is illogical

The other is about the same patient who refuses to see happiness overwhelmed around her and refuses progress and success for others and lives in a world of selfishness and self-love


A man approached a woman at a well and asked her: What is Kid Women

She stood at the well and began to cry loudly So that the people of the village heard it! He asked her, afraid: Why and what

She said: Until the people come to kill you because you want to hurt me

He said to her: I did not come here to hurt you, but I raised the IQ of you I asked you I did not want to talk to you for a bad intention of being a beautiful woman

She stood up and grabbed the bucket of water and poured it on herself The man marveled at her And he asked her: Why did you do this

And while he speaks, people come The woman said: This man saved me when I fell into the well

So the people thanked him and rejoiced greatly and rewarded him And he asked her: What is the wisdom of this deed

She said this is the woman If I hurt you, I killed you! ☺ And if you satisfied it

⛔ Iblis was standing up drinking tea  And gave his son slapped on the face and said to learn donkey !! Is truth and reality

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