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A rich woman stood up On line after her car was disrupted

A rich woman stood up

On line after her car was disrupted

She waved her hand at the speeding cars

But did not stand for it

Time has passed

Rain spray began

I feared the dark


An old-fashioned car stopped

It is marketed by a skinny young man

I looked at him

And to the car

I replied

Do you climb or stay

She was afraid of greed

You think everyone sees it

He will teach her wealth and wealth


I decided and stepped up

On the way I asked the young man

About his name and his work

He has been shown it

Poverty and Need

He told her his name was Adam

His driver paid his wages

I was somewhat tired

Apt herself and grew her conscience


She drew her attention

The young man was polite

He did not pay attention to it

I arrived in the city

It is inherent in itself

They will give it what they ask for

I asked to get off

And stopped

How much is your account?

No Shi Gala

Lava can not

You helped me and brought me

Said the driver Adam

My fee. .. Do you do good

With whom you find it

I went astounded

And continued on its way

Standing in front of the coffee shop

I went in and asked the worker

Coffee Cup

The coffee came

It attracted the rich woman's eyes

Shoooob face worker

And the belly of her belly

I asked her what I see tired you

She is about to be born

The woman said, "You are not comfortable."

She said the worker is far enough to need my baby

The worker went

To the accountant

To bring the rest of the account of women

She was given

The amount of a cash sheet

The value of coffee is equal

ten times

But the worker did not find the woman

I looked right and north

You did not find it

But she found

Small paper

(Left the rest of the account a gift for you)

The woman rejoiced a lot

And. I turned the paper

To find other words

(And left under the table

Gift for your baby)

She almost screamed with joy

She sees an equal amount

Ordered 6 Months

Her tears were not filled with joy

I went quickly

She was trained by her work

And the wind passed

She misses her husband's wedding

Which they bear birth

She entered the house speeding

She calls her husband

Who marveled at her return

On time

And feared that the time of birth

But her voice is mixed

With the grace of joy

And thanksgiving

She says

I embraced it

Preach, Adam

May God forgive us

Adam was the driver who delivered the lady and refused to take a known counter and asked her to help others

Good will return to you inevitably

Do it and remember

"Do you reward for good other than good"

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