"Do not hear from one side!"
"Do not hear from one side!"

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Do not hear from one side

"Do not hear from one side!"

The hearts of people may change today. You are a friend, lover and tomorrow. They wish you harm, and perhaps they will change it. Their feelings towards you may have changed because of jealousy, jealousy, a small attitude, a word,

And they turned as if they were not yesterday owners sit at one table exchanging conversations and laughter

But that man lacks wisdom and rationality and the ability to control himself and his feelings and knows how to manage his emotions and most of all does

not know love and tolerance and the meaning of faith and love in God, meaning the right of brotherhood and friendship

As for the wise, they know how to make them differ. They maintain relations because they understand how God loves the believer who is not hostile,

but he is helping his brother if he makes a mistake, and that he knows better that Allaah will reward him with the best reward for good manners.

You have to choose which two types of humans are you? We may disagree with others but let us manage the art of difference in attitudes

Each party "defends itself" and tries in various ways to justify everything it does, reduce its error and magnify the error of others!

This is a human nature in us all, even if we are "wrong" trying to explain our mistake in a way that affects those who hear us to win with us!

One of the wise judges told his pupil "If a complainant comes to complain to someone and claims that he has blindfolded him,

do not judge him without that The other may be blinded together. "

No You hear By the party One may be a liar or perhaps what he tells you is his impression and his own opinion or may be limited intelligence and interpreted the situation in error or may be embarrassing to tell the truth.

If you judge between two and you, between your daughters, between your friends, between your partners, at home, at work, or in the street, do not listen to One In the absence of the other,

because each person speaks according to what he wants, highlights points, and hides points, points highlighted by exaggerating them, and points that are not in his favor to silence them.

" No You hear To one party Listen to Two parties And judging "

And the listening parties trying to bring the views closer so as not to rival the most hated thing when God debauchery in the rivalry

Ten years old do not hate

It is said that a king is ordered to starve 10 Dogs to put every minister to make mistakes with her in prison after a period of one of the ministers give a wrong opinion of the king,

he ordered the dogs for him, the minister told him I served you 10 She did so for me, and asked the king to give him up 10 When the king agreed to that,

the minister went to the dogs' guard and said to him, "I want to serve the dogs only for a period of time 10 Days,

the guard said to him and what benefit the minister told him I will tell you in the future, the guard said to you so the minister took care of the dogs

Feeding them, washing them up and providing them with all the comforts and after passing 10 Days came to the execution of the minister and put him in jail with the dogs and the king looked at him and the priest

The King was surprised by what he saw is that the dogs hungry and symmetry under his feet, the king said to him What did you do to the dogs

And the minister said to him, These dogs have served 10 Days dogs did not forget this service and you serve you 10 For years,

he forgot all this, and the king turned down his head and ordered him to be exempted

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