A man from the desert had three sons Their name was all Abdullah And on the bed of death he says to his three children:
A man from the desert had three sons

Their name was all Abdullah

And on the bed of death he says to his three children: stories

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A story from the Arabian Desert

A man from the desert had three sons Their name was all Abdullah And on the bed of death he says to his three children:

Abdullah inherits And Abdullah does not inherit And Abdullah inherits

Then he breathes his last breath And the children of the three ... How do they do? .... And who among them does not inherit ?!

And they said, We go to the judge of the city So they went to the judge ... and in their way met them Arabi .... he had lost his

He asked them if they had seen the camel ..... They said, "We have not seen your beauty." He turned away from them

Then one of them asked him: "Was your camel with one eye?" Al-'Arabi said: Yes

The Arabs' reports were released and they thought they had seen them all

The other said: Was your camel cut off the tail? Al-Arabi said: Yes His joy and joy were increased and they were sure they had seen him

And the third said: Was your camel lame? Al-Arabi said: Yes They said all of them ..... We did not see your beauty

The man thought that they saw him and deceive him and said to them I will leave you only when the judge And they said to him, We are going to him

So they all went to the judge And when they came ... they cut the news He asked them: Did you see the camel?

And they said, No He asked them about the specifications they gave to the camel

He asked those who said that your beauty with one eye: He said: I saw the grass eaten on one hand and I knew that the camel with one eye

If he saw the grass on the other hand to eat it And he asked those who said,

He said: The camel usually excretes feces for the presence of the tail, but this I saw it Akumama Akuma I knew that the tail is broken

He asked who said he was lame: He said: Judge I saw his footsteps one of them diving into the ground and leave a deep impact

And the other left a slight impact and I knew it was a lame The judge said to the Arabs: Go, O man of your beauty is not them

But what have you experienced? And they gave him their knowledge, and what their father said in their inheritance

The judge said, "You sleep with me tonight, and in the morning I will judge you." So he brought them into the family room and ordered them to eat

As soon as they entered, one of them said: Beware ... this judge has given you an eye to watch you When he gave them food

Someone said: Do not eat ... (this meat meat dogs) And the other one was surprised by saying: "If you have baked this bread ..." (a pregnant woman in her ninth month)

The third came with a bomb of high caliber: he said that this judge (son haram). We have moved from the door to the judge

When the morning came, the judge sat in the Judiciary Council He asked them what they had said He asked those who said that the meat is meat dogs

He said: O judge that this meat we found in the bone and then fat and then meat .... This is in dogs ..... But the meat of camels and sheep and what we eat of blessings have bone, then meat and fat.

The judge asked the one who had cooked ... My master said: The shepherd was late and I ordered to provide food to the guests and they killed my dog ​​for them

And he said this one He asked those who said that the bread was baked in the ninth month

And he said to him, Judge: I saw the baggy bulging on the one hand .... and Mizd on the other And she knew that from his bread he was pregnant in the ninth month

She could not extend her hand to change the loaf of her large belly Then the judge asked him about the bread which they had given him. They said to him, "She is pregnant in the ninth month.

The third asked ... who said that the judge is a son of haram The judge said: I said that a man puts on his eyes eye watching them

and gives them the flesh of dogs ... It is a son of haram

The judge wanted to make sure that this is the other .... He asked his mother about his ratios and his father .... She said that it is not your father .... And ratified the Arabi

The judge then pronounced the strange verdict He said, "Whoever says that it is the flesh of a dog ... he inherits.

It is said that the baked bread is pregnant ... it inherits But you, who said that I am a haram son ... ... you do not inherit

Because he does not know the son of a haram ... only a son is haram like him. The three brothers wanted to be sure of the sincerity of the judge's words

So they returned to their mother and asked her about their brother

She said sincerity and God . Your father has found him at the door of the mosque and came to him and his companions with you. Hallelujah great

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