What you think, is what you become.
What you think, is what you become. thoughts stories

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For the contest created by mysterygirl160 (Newbies check it out!)

What you think, is what you become.

For the contest created by @mysterygirl160 (newbies check it out!)

When we enter this world We are nothing but innocent little babies exploring this big world No idea of life Just living, nourished by the mother's love and father's care

And then we grow up Learn to crawl, then stand, then walk and then talk And explore our surroundings with such amazement Then we are taught the simple things in life that stick with us till the end

IMPRINTED in our minds

As we grow even older we observe in closer Dive deep into the world Discover the most beautiful and the darkest secrets about Life The society we live in The people around us

Then it's up to us what we believe in and what not to And those set the roots of what we become in the future as it sprouts.

How we live, how we approach to life and most importantly, how we think

Those things we see turn into these thoughts that help us lead into our lives A set of rules.

If one has always seen pain that person would think negative and live negatively and would be submerged into it's deepest grief and sorrows They'd be we weak and scared Would never be able to see beauty of life.

On the other hand if one has seen happiness, that person would be able to appreciate life Be grateful for it Look on to the bright side Create a positive environment where ever they'd go They'd be happy and stronger.

So thoughts

So thoughts Your mind

So thoughts Your mind Yeah, they play a vital role

Therefore my dear readers,

Therefore my dear readers, Surround yourself with positivity Break free from all the toxic people in your life Be free And be happy and grateful Treat people with kindness Because if you don't, it will have a major impact on that person Their thoughts

And one day in the future you'll see it's colors blooming out from you And you'll thank yourself for it.

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