Trust Towards Death (Part 3)
Trust Towards Death

(Part 3) chain stories

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A collab with @hubbyisjungkook.
PART 3 IS FINALLY HERE!!! Sorry for the little delay but I'm pretty sure you find it worth the wait. The pictures are terrible sorry.
Anyways enjoy!

Trust Towards Death (Part 3)

Collab with @hubbyisjungkook


It's almost 1 am now.

It's almost 1 am now. Jacob walking swiftly. "How far is this?" He said to himself.

Tired and sick of walking but he still goes on. He has never been this excited he thought.

He is finally about to meet Brendon. His only friend. How can he miss this?


Finally... He reaches.

"This is a very weird place to meet." he said to himself. He was standing in front of a big old warehouse. Moon shining bright above his head. Trees here and there around him. No sight of life. He is out of breath and sweating.

After a few deep breaths he slowly proceeds to the door.

Something deep inside him tells him not to. To go back home. This isn't safe. Something's wrong.

But Brendon's not wrong.

No he is not! He is a good guy. Friendly, supportive and fun. Maybe he just wants our first meeting to be....... adventurous.


He walks in. His heart pounding with fear or excitement. Maybe both, he can't tell. The warehouse is empty and black. The only thing that illuminated this massive area was the moonlight seeping in through the broken windows and cracked walls. "Jeez" Jacob whispered.

"Brendon?", He finally says aloud, "It's me Jacob! You here?" Hello?"

No answer.

"Dude, bro. Come on man! Enough with messing around ok? Shits getting creepy." He says with a shaky giggle.


Jacob turns around abruptly with fright.

A figure standing in front of him. Slowly making its way now towards him. Finally it stops. This must be Brendon.

At that moment Jacob realized how he actually has no one idea how he looks like or what his last name is even. Shocking.

The moonlight painted on his massive muscular body. He is dressed all black head to toe. Black sneakers, black trousers and a black hoodie. Its hood covering his mysterious face. Hands resting inside his pockets.

"Hey." A heavy voice comes out from the hood.

"Hey man! You can take of the hood you know it's scaring me OooooOoooo!!! Haha." Jacob keeps blurting out with nervous giggles. "Cool place for the meet up, haha. Hope we don't get slaughtered here lol."

Brendon doesn't respond.

"Hey man! What's up?" Jacob says now moving towards him.

"STOP! DON'T YOU DARE MOVE!" shouts Brendon.

"Woah chill out man! What the hell?" Jacob confused and scared to death. Maybe this is some kind of mistake this can't be Brendon. Who is this man?!

*sighs* Finally hands come out of the guys pockets and slowly makes its way for the hood. Jacob's heart now definitely beating with fear. And the hood comes off.

Revealing a beautiful, handsome face. Tanned light brown skin with messy black hair. Eyes blue but looked like silver as the moon shone its light. A well structured face with thin lips that were now curled up in a sinister smile.

"Brendon?" Jacob mummurs.

"Hmm. Well um for you I might be Brendon but I'm actually not.", Finally the so called Brendon guys speaks, "You see I'm just a guy having a little fun." He smirks.

"Wha- what do you mean? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Jacob trembling, confused and on the verge of crying. This is a mistake. No no no no! He kept thinking.

"Don't you dare try to run my friend and also I'm not done. Yet. "Now you see I am the guy who was talking to you for the past few months. Boy you have a very shitty life. Haha. I mean mines much exciting man." Brendon now starts circling around Jacob. His blue silvery eyes fixed on his with a smile.

"Look Jacob!" Now he is standing in front of him. His hand reaching out his victim's shoulder. Jacob tries to shrug it off but "Uh uh! Calm down brother!" And grips his trembling shoulder tightly.

"I'm just trying to help you Jacob. To get you away from this misery. You can't live like this. This horrible, terrible, lonely life."

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!!" Jacob struggling to get rid of his hold and run away but it's too tight.

"I'm just trying to help you." Brendon keeps saying it softly in his ear. Both hands grasping his fragile arms. "I'm just trying to help you."

He then slips his right hand at the back of his pants steadily. Revealing a sharp knife that gleamed silver.


"You need me! I need it!" Brendon now screams with his silvery eyes wide and filled with rage, anger and annoyance. His grip on the knife tight.

He takes a deep breath.

"Goodbye Jacob."


3 days.

3 days. It's been 3 days since Jacob has gone missing. His parents sick with worry and anger.

Where is he?

The police have been searching day and night. They called everyone Jacob could possibly know. His school, classmates. Nothing.

"Where is he?"

Two police cars pull up at an old warehouse. "Sir are you sure about this?" "Yes! Send them in!"

The door smashes open by one of the officers and the cops storm in with their guns pointing foward finding something they least expected. "Oh my god!"

A body.

A body. Hanging in the middle with chains wrapped around his neck.

Entire torso smeared with blood with a big hole on his stomach.

Its the body of

Jacob Perez.

to be continued...

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