RATTLED (part 3)

(part 3) scary stories
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Part 3! Things are getting spicy!

RATTLED (part 3)

Days passed by chaining up into a week. Everything was different now.

The girls perspective about the house changed overnight. Wherever they were, they could feel this strange presence. It was like the walls had eyes and ears. Keeping an eye on every movement. Hearing their every word.

With that fear lingering around, the girls dared to say a word about it, not even whisper. They were scared to be alone. Every single thing haunted them. They didn't even had any school as it was the summer holidays to divert their mind. There was no escape.

Everyday Jane would signal Sarah that now is the time to tell but Sarah would simply shake her head. There was something that stopped her from doing but she didn't know what it was. She just wasn't ready. Too scared that something dreadful would happen if she did.

At night the girls would stay up late with their night lamps on, wrapped up in their blankets staring at the door quietly. But nothing ever happened.

Sarah started seeing her house as some death cage. All she did was sit in the living room and watch TV or sit with her mind still stirring up with the unexplainable incident. On the other hand Jane would follow her mother every where. Like her little pet. Her father came late from work. She tried her best to show her mother some distress. But failed.

Couldn't even play with her dolls. She felt as if they were the ones who did it. Their eyes felt as if they followed her as she moved. She tucked them under her bed with hopes she might feel better. But also failed with that too.

A week has now passed. Maybe it was just a one night thing the girls thought.

A week has now passed. Maybe it was just a one night thing the girls thought. But it wasn't.

It is Saturday night.

It is Saturday night. The clock strikes 1 AM. Sarah tries her best to stay awake but there was just something in the air which made her doze off into a deep deep sleep. But this air didn't affect Jane.

She was wide awake, ears alert, hearing every little sound.

She was wide awake, ears alert, hearing every little sound. There was a rattle.

Jane sits up. "Sarah. Sarah!" said Jane shaking her sister. "Go to sleep! Jeez!" Sarah gets rid of her turning to the other side.

"I hear it! The rattles. I hear it!" Sarah deeply possessed by her sleep. "It's nothing, just sleep!"

Angrily, Jane gets out of her head. It's time to take matters in her own hands now. Tip toeing here away to the door and slips out of the room. She comes to a halt as she sees the dark hallway.

"Deep breaths Jane deep breaths. It will be fine." she says in her breath and takes one big deep breath. She moves. On her toes, as silently as she could. She reaches the stairs.

Eyes propped down as she proceeded downstairs hoping not to step on any pin this time. It rattles again.

This time it was continuous. With breaks in between. Soft and slowly.

She reaches downstairs.

She reaches downstairs. It's coming from the living room. Slowly but surely she reaches the door, turns the knob. The door creaks.

A figure

A figure. A black figure sitting on the sofa.

A figure. A black figure sitting on the sofa. Rattles still going softly.

It turns its head towards her. Jane's heart pounding faster and faster. Hand on the knob. Rooted to the spot.

It stands up and then....


to be continued....

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