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nawaalmunaf #freepalestine
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A very necessary thread.

Myths & Facts and Misunderstandings...

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have been shouting out my posts and supporting. I knew this community would be supportive and I'm glad many people are becoming aware of this.

It's also nice to see that many celebraties and all are speaking up but still there are a few mistakes that need to be corrected. I have seen many people who are willing to help but don't know the right facts or don't know what right terms to use.

There is also a lot false information spreading here and there. So in order to help and protect, this post is for them.

I feel like this is a very very important post so everyone don't forget to shout this out. The media is portraying a lot of false information confusing people who aren't aware of it from the start, especially non Muslims.

So again this is for you guys so you can see the situation without any faults.

A really big trigger. Many are using the word 'conflict' so please correct this mistake.

So these are a few. There are more and I'll search for them. Credits to the respective owner. Again as I said that many people's accounts are being hacked or blocked and many are being threatened. So I want to protect them.

But there are a few accounts which are very popular so you can follow those.

They are showing time to time events and many horrific scenes of what's going on with Muslims. It's heartbreaking. You can see the Isrealis breaking into the innocent Palestinian homes, women assaulted, children threatened. Digging people out of the rumbles.

There are videos where children are crying while standing on the rumbles of their homes after the airstrikes. People crying over their loved one's bodies. It's traumatizing but it's reality that needs to be stopped.

It's nice to see everyone from different parts of the world stepping up. BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE TRUE FACTS!!! If you see these mistakes please correct them.

Now the misunderstandings...

Many people have misinterpreted my previous posts so I want to clarify them.

1) The 'all lives matter' Situation.

Now I need to make this clear that I myself don't really support the term "all lives matter." I used this term as a reference if that makes sense. I wanted to highlight the fact that those people who kept saying ALM during the start of BLM pretty sure meant that all lives must be protected.

So why aren't those same people not willing to speak up again in this matter. Like they are lives too. I hope you understand what I mean. If not then I can assure you that I don't mean to hurt anyone. I have pure intentions please.

So those people who are using the term #alllivesmatter, please don't. You can use other hashtags which are discussed in the coming slides.

2) Racism

A lot of people think that I am saying that the attacks are racist. No! That's not true. These attacks are pure ethnic cleansing as you read. They can also be termed as Islamophobhic because they are hurting them just for their religion.

What I'm saying is racist is the fact that some people aren't willing to help at all! I have seen many people who are not willing to help just because they are Muslims. I argued on this fact and they said they just don't care. Like how can you not care?!

Like that's basically discrimination clearly all the way. This argument was what triggered me. Isn't that clearly Racism?! It's not always about skin color! It's race, religion and ethnic group!

It's really sad to see that some people have such grotesque mindset. So that was a background on what happened and what triggered me. I hope you understood.

3) The #muslimlivesmatter Situation.

So someone said to me that using the hashtag #muslimlivesmatter is wrong because it feels like stealing from the #BLM and not that appropriate for the current situation. And honestly I've thought about it and it does make sense.

I used it because I actually saw many use it. And also I'm pretty sure no one's intention was to steal it, it was just to put it in simple terms.

But if you don't want to use it it's perfectly fine. You can use: •#freepalestine •#savegaza •#gazaunderattack •#standwithpalestine I hope this helps. If you have any other please let us know.

I hope this helped in some way. I'm not really good in explaining some things so I'm really sorry. Please I hope you just keep supporting. I don't want to feel helpless in this situation. I hope what I'm doing is not going to go to waste. I'm trying my best. I hope I have done something in some way.

Also don't forget to share this, not only on commaful but also on other social media platforms. I feel like this is the most important post because wrong information and lead to worse things. So please I beg you to shout this out!!!

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