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Come with me into the world of dreams.
An experiment with unique and rare words.


euneirophrenia; (n.) the peace of mind that comes from pleasant dreams.

My eyelids droop as the languor prevails,

drowsing my mind from the day's affairs

and gliding me into the night's spell.

I breathe in seraphic breaths as my body disperses in the air,

levitating me into the orphic darkness,

leading me to it's deepest secrets that beautify as one goes further in.

My mind searches a scintillating spark to fill in it's missing part.

As it does,

my body transports into the layers of swevens until it stops.

My feet finally trace the ground beneath.

It rests,

It rests, not on the hard land,

but on the marmoris with its serene waves in an undulating rhythm where I stand.

My eyes open into another world

where the sapphire ocean stretches out beyond the vastness.

The sky with colors of mauve, titan and coccineous blending together florestaing with the waters.

Clouds floating with aureolus linings from the sun's lustre peeking from behind.

Halcyon airs surrounding the supernal excellence.

An unnatural place with an irenic existence,

blessing the ears with its henotic hymns,

and creating ludic souls with eunoia minds.

A run away from the truths of living.

I close my eyes once again

as the zephyr gets stronger,

once again alating me into the sky.

Drifting away from this arcane universe back to where I belong.

Among the bustles of life with a feeling of euneirophrenia.

Hello everyone, This was my try on using some really unique and rare words I found on Pinterest. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot of beautiful words.

I hope you really like this. I'm really happy for how it turned. It took some pretty good effort. I will be posting the meanings of the rare words I used in the next slides. I'd really appreciate if you guys give me an honest feedback and if you'd like me to do this again.

Thank You so much for reading! Please let me know how it is. :) Love you all! And now to the words...

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