Caged within myself.
Caged within myself. lonliness stories

nawaalmunaf #freepalestine
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My only relief is sleep. When I am asleep, I am not sad, not angry, not lonely. I am nothing.

Caged within myself.

Do you sometimes feel trapped internally?

Trapped with those screams inside you. All that misery sucking up the light and happiness from you.

Leaving you with this numb body with no soul beneath it.

You feel helpless when something wrong is happening because you have no strength to prevent it but bare with it.

And then it's regret keeps nudging you, making you weaker than you already were.

Trapped in your own cage of thoughts.

Dreading every moment, every second.

Dying from the inside, a piece of you slowly chipping away with every torment you devour.

In the end, what's left?

In the end, what's left? Nothing.

Nothing but darkness prevailed over your brain mixed with those abhorrent thoughts.

The sorrow and grief letting out the cries you hid inside you for so long.

Alone. With no one to reach out to. No one to hold you. To love and comfort you.

And you become so feeble, mentally and physically that you just let it be.

And close your eyes to escape from all the pain.

And the cycle continues.

You drag yourself every day with the weight of your anguish heaving inside your chest.

Letting it be with no one beside you. Surviving.

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