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I hope they stop. How is this acceptable?!


Hello everyone! I hope everyone's doing fine. I know this is late, I'm sorry, I have been busy these past two days. But anyways, since many of you know that the ceasefire has been declared in Palestine. But...

Isrealis are still attacking! On Friday the ceasefire was declared but even after that they shot rubber bullets and launched tear gases on the poor Palestinians. They are assaulting men and women. I will link some videos for you to see (if you want to).

And the aftermath...

If you want to help (that would be very very appreciated)...

I just hope that they stop attacking the Palestinians. They are innocent. They were minding their own business when the Isrealis just decided to steal the Palestinians homes!!!! Ugh!

All the men, women and children who have been martyed May Allah Grant them Jannah. Ameen!❤️

Remember their names...

Please don't stop fighting and speaking up!

Ok wait! I just found about this and I'm confused!!!

How is this even acceptable?!

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