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You should have left before you came ...

You said...

by Navy⚓

You said I was the reason you smile..

then why did you leave me cold.. on the floor.. without the strength for my lips to form a curve...

You said don't worry i will be there

but you ran away.. when i was nothing more than a shattered glass.. were you scared that picking me up will make you bleed?

you said i needed rest..

and then you put my trust... to a life long sleep in the coffin of your sugar coated talks...

you said you won't let anyone touch me

then why did you send misery to hug me??

you said i was your life..your brightness...

then why did you leave me in the haunted house of my sorrow.. where the demons inside me fed on my tears...

You said you will be broken if i left

but you left me dying.. weeping... crumbled... it felt like a dagger to my heart..

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