A letter to my little sister
A letter to my little sister sister stories

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She's incredible

A letter to my little sister

You hate it when I call you baby

You don't like the number 8 because you're 9 now, and want no one to mistake you for one so young

I wish you weren't in such a hurry to grow up

You wish your hair would grow faster

You bring up my acne

You pick your favorite characters because they are pretty

You begged me to paint your nails

I wish you knew how beautiful you are with your sooty lashes, hazel eyes like a summer pond, and glorious round cheeks

I wish you knew you don't have to be pretty to be worth your space in the world (Your family taught you that, who is teaching you otherwise?)

I wish you knew how smart you are

I'm so sorry. Because I've said things that you shouldn't have to hear. I berate you for mistakes, and sometimes tell you to please stop talking.

Your family doesn't treat you how we should. Somewhere along the line of two other children our patience wore thin

I worry for you, with your nervous tics and your fear that your friends don't like you

I want my sister to be happy

I want her to know that I will always love her

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