HER n HIM (pt 1)
HER n HIM (pt 1) writing stories

navi brown and proud💕
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It's in two parts because I thought it'd be too long if it was only one. Let me know if you want to continue reading this. Lots of love❤

HER n HIM (pt 1)

She stares at the trickling raindrops on her windscreen.

"maybe today he thought about me" the words escaping her mouth in a whisper. The thought of seeing him in class excited her. Sometimes, she would think about how odd all of this actually is.

She's know him for so long. Since they were 13 if anyone's counting. But for some reason, now that he's a man, she can't remember the boy that he once was.

All she can think of is how tall he's become, how he suddenly had broad shoulders that extended into long arms that could easily pick her tiny self up from the ground,

and the facial hair he now has...she doesn't hate it but she doesn't love it either.

It makes him look like a thug which is unfortunate, because it hides the kind and funny person he actually is on the inside. Other people seem to love it though.

She knows he always gets compliments on how it makes him look more manly, a fact that she herself has to admit. Her mind shifts to what other girls thought of him.

She knew he was or still is on every girls list, some of them even her friends. Gossip travels really fast in their college you see.

Some girls have even told her that they wished he was dating them. A confession that she'd heard one too many times from way too many mouths,although recently it had started to annoy her.

There was a line of girls that wanted to be with him. He could choose any one of them. Suddenly, the realization of him not choosing her started to creep up her bones.

She didn't try to get rid of the thought.

I mean, why would you when it's true~ what would a guy like him want to do anything with her?, What spark would magically appear within him that hadn't in the past eight years?

Then again, didn't her fireworks of emotion towards him only recently blew up?

"man, this is confusing!"

thank god her shout was within the four sides of her car. Can't have people thinking she's gone bonkers now can she. She loved the rain, absolutely adored it.

But today, she hated it. It's made her mind consumed with the thoughts of him while waiting for it to die out.


She turned to her window to see someone standing outside with an umbrella.

And just like the rhythm of the knocking, her heart started beating so terribly fast she thought she was going to pass out.

"It can't be."

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