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This essay expresses the aesthetic pleasure one receives from a park and it's significance in society.

The Park

As the Earth begins to awaken from its slumber, a placid tweeting noise comes from the birds hidden amongst the trees.

Past the woodland is a remarkable park, filled with fountains and a magnificent pond containing a variety of

marine creatures darting and flickering past hydrophytes like a speeding bullet. They only come out of hiding when minuscule hints of bread begin to fall.

The park is a lake of swaying and dancing flora. Honey bees are buzzing around from perennial to perennial imbibing the luscious nectar.

Arthropods are landing on blades of grass in search of droplets of water, and when they don't find any, they would simply fly over to another blade.

Butterflies are fluttering around landing graciously on aromatic and exquisite flowers, which are growing in luscious patches throughout the grass. The

sunlight shines, making tall beams of light through the gaps in the branches of the trees. The sky-high trees which were eerie at night become friendlier in the early morning daylight.

Parks are the lungs of the society. When the morning sun smacks the

playground equipment, they are alive again and are joyous. Gentle rippling waves caress the surface of the pond.

The birds are devouring seeds and grains fed by the elderly sitting on decrepit benches. Youngsters are racing and

lively. The bambinos are taking turns on the attractions of the playground.

The slide seems to be the one of the favorites because of the long queue and kids whining as they are getting impatient. Middle-aged men and women are having their morning jog and exercising.

Jogging in the park during early hours opens up opportunities to see different scenes and portraits and opens people's minds as they are not focusing on their work.

There are also a couple of people sitting on the grass, picnicking, reading, frolicking dogs and even laying down

dreaming. The milky white, soft feathered ducks could be heard a block away as they quack and battle for the food being thrown for them.

A golden retriever on the other side, is leaping into the air to take hold of a frisbee disc using its mouth.

He successfully catches it and retrieves the disc to his owner, with a feeling of a sense of pride within him.

A family of four are sitting on a red and white checkered blanket, on the

summer green grass having a delightful picnic. A mother is spreading

marmalade on the staff of life for her two preschoolers (aged between 3 and 5). The bairns are high-spirited. The father is pouring fruit punch in cocktail

glasses, and narrating his recollection of fond memories, about him in his

childhood relishing his time in the park, to his wife. He had already planned

before, of how he would take his little ones to the park one day, and how they would take a journey of their own exploration just like he did.

There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort. Being in nature's lap is definitely important in life. It infuses a sense of tranquillity in our minds.

Below the canopy of trees, we can also spot a few youths sitting with their books and studying without a care of the world.

Some children who do not have a congenial atmosphere at home or do not have enough silence in their small houses, come here in the open to study in silence. A couple of tots are

rollicking and playing on the swings, merry-go-rounds and see-saws.

The park is an exuberant site; whether it is the life in the park or the children in the playground. It is a diverting place as well as a significant one.

It is home for many rodents and avians, as well as a large proportion of a variety of insects. It is even like a home away from home for tamed animals.

The playground in the park is a getaway for youngsters, not to mention their parents too.

The trees are home to birds and rodents, and without them the fauna would have a tough time finding shelter. Trees also watch over us as they block us from the celestial

fireball in the sky. Parks should be treated vitally for it to last until doomsday, unaffected from the cradle to the grave.

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