The Running Tree
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The Running Tree is about a sad tree that wishes he could run.

Source: Ustreya Miller

The Running Tree

by Ustreya Miller

The Running Tree

Once there was a magical mountain overlooking the sea. On its forested hilltop was a beautiful park where people from the nearby village loved to walk and play.

In this park there lived a young tree that was full of life and eagerness. He and his family lived on the edge of a path with a wonderful view of the water below.

If anyone cared to notice, they might think he was just an average fur tree. But he was not ordinary at all. His name was Windy and he was sad. His parents worried about him.

They tried to get him to notice the waves and the seals diving for fish. But he would rather watch the people going by on the trail. He particularly liked to watch children run among the trees.

One day he asked his mother, “Why can’t trees run?”

“Trees are here to keep the Earth in balance,” she answered.

“We provide oxygen and happiness for the humans so they can run among us, and they along with the animals, give us the air we need to breath.” This answer gave Windy no satisfaction at all.

Instead of making him proud to be a tree, it made him feel even sadder.

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