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natty_hat It was never meant to be
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Hate,love and exhaustion is in the air. Also Ive decided nto to post every day but whenever I feel like it lol (im impatient)

Spirit Animals PaRt Tw0

*new chrsacters will be introduced in a chapter 1 or 2...*

night is almost near and they are yet to find a way off the cliff

mel and kirabella have built shelter while artemis and Sisay are talking while they start the fire.

Milly is alone picking berries

-and then my brother sliced his arm off!

Jesus christ thats dark..

tell me more.

Kirabella starts thinking deeply about her fight with artemis

maybe I should let him go first... i dont want that much trouble.

but otherwise hes going to keep stomping all over us!

im not having that.

she looks over at mel who is happily chattering on about her familys murders

hmmm, If she goes first and shes my freind. maybe when artemis ticks me oiff again she can use her magic to shut him up.

-oh looks like artemis and sisay started a fire and Milly started cooking somethiong over it!

ok, lets go check it out.

Milly shows the group how to start cooking the meat and walks away. kirabella notices and walks over to her.

hey you ok?

OH! you scared me! yeah im fine.;....

the waterfall is beautiful isnt it?

yeah... *blushes*

you seem lonely. why donjt you come sit with me and mel?

oh, thanks!

*kirabella puts her arm around milly*

*in mind* oh my god.... šŸ˜Š


kirabella walk calmly over to artemis looks into his eyes and smacks him. Its about to GO DOWN

HEY-HEy! no fighting! we dont need that rn

Fine. *spits at artemis'feet* anyway. I think mel should go first.


Yeah good idea!

eh whynot? im on board

I guess I be ok with going first...

they all look at artemis expectantly



They cheer and everyone finishes eating. soon they are all stuffed from the delicious berries and things.

Idk about you guys but Im going to bed...

ok, we have 2 shelters that fitt about 2 people each!

i will share with anyone but kirabella.

why dont we share mate?

cool. :)


oh! Get a room! or should I say tent!

uh- i can take nightwatch. merlin did say there where night monsters.

Me and kirabella will share then!

yeah, cool, cool

as they all seperate into their tents we can see kirabella and milly settling down next to each other

*looking at them* hmmmm

as the night sets in with Mel sitting outside by the waterfall. the night passes uneventful *im basically gonna go until I find a good stopping point lol sorry if its to long*

sisay wakes up slowly and hear snoring all around he looks next to him to feel the warmth of artemis and saw his spot empty he decided to go look around outside

*rubs eyes* is that you artemis?

yes. shhh mel is asleep

*under breath* why do you care so much about mel...

*turning around quickly* Because since she was the nightgaurd and we dont know how long shes been asleep.

I needed to make sure that someone hadnt killed her.

uhm- *shakes head* neveermind..

look at the sunset.

I think you mean sunri-

*places finger on lips* shhhhh just watch



they both looked at each other and shared well... a moment? I am not gonna share they deserve they privacy

*looking from tent* šŸ˜®šŸ˜®šŸ˜®šŸ¤«šŸ¤«šŸ¤­

later... once everyone has gotten uo and eaten

ok where are we going!

were is a special place for you mel?


what about the mountains! I had my first kill thwre! *sighs deeply in remembrance*


cool. Mine was at my parents house. Im an orphan now.




lets just go to the mountains then!

ok thats the end of part 2! question for cast. who do you ship the hardest? enjoy!

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