Spirit Animals part 4.. Introducing Our new characters!
Spirit Animals part 4..

Introducing Our new characters! spirit animals stories

natty_hat It was never meant to be
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Poor Milly!

Spirit Animals part 4.. Introducing Our new characters!

everleigh is: @emmaweasly cecile is: @crazycandy the boss is: Im stilll looking!

todays tale will not be one of our chosen 5.. but one of our missing spellcasters.. lets take a look.

in a abandoned cave next to the seashore. we can see a bunch of tied up spellcasters on the ground as well as one merlin hung from the ceiling. we can also see 3 teenagers in black robes standing infront of them all.

cmon boss can me and cecile kill'm yet!

yeah! pleeeeeeeease boss...

no, not yet we need them. according to my sources a new 5 have risen and are coming our way. we will need them for leverage.

if youm say so boss.


go, do something useful.

whateva you say boss!

as they exit the cave, everyone at the waterfall is in there tents exept for milly, who is outside crying. they hide behind a bush and make a plan...

*SOb* WHY!:????!!!!!

wow everleigh shes moody.

lets get her-

wait everleigh-

*snatches milly and covers mouth*

*muffled* hjwxfggx HELP!


ugh, I will handle this i guess.

she quickly writes a note and tacks it to the rock milly was sitting on. then she teleports away. back at the cave...

wher backl boss! and we got one of those squiry bottom feeder clerics!

what she said.

exellent. did anyone see you?


yeah shes actually right. no one saw us.

perfection. you didnt screw up for once, im impressed. tie her up and put her in the cage.

they throw milly in a giant birdcage and she starts to stir

*sniff* w-where am I?! and who are you girls?

Im cecile

and I'm everleigh! A.k.A YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!

*puts head in hands*

stop freaking her out everleigh...

everleigh walks away and milly is alone with cecile.

its ok, it will get better soon. the cage will adjust to your size.

no.. Im just upset because I got rejected :(

oh-that sucks.

*smiling weakly* well my days getting a little bit better besides the.. yknow kidnapping thing.



boss is checking her chrystal ball to see how they are reacting to there.. gone freind!


as everyone wakes up kirabella is still asleep suddenly admist her dreams she is shaken awake by mel with tears in her eyes..

*grumble* UGH WHAT IS IT THIS early- hey mel why are you crying?

*motions to the outside*

*walks outside to see artemis comforting sisay who is reading a small peice of paper angirly*


shhhh sisay, kiras awake.

whats going on? wheres milly?

*gently takes note from sisay and hgands to kira, who starts reading*

dear chosen 5, we have taken milly as well as merlin and the spellcasters. you have no chance so gice it up. soon milly will be one of us. - your WORST NIGHTMARES

... no NO NO NO NO NO NO

she fall to her knees sobbing loudly and she feels a comfortingly warm hand on her shoulder and looks up to see artemis.

we'll save her kira.

*standing up* your right.

but kira couldnt stop thinking of what might happen to milly and whether it was her fault.. meanwhile at the cave

that was... sad.

yeah!! I liked it!

soon they will find us. for now get to work on transforming the yellow one.

yes boss!

ok! I woill get right to it!

as they walk away the boss lowers her hood and we can see hber grinnibng evilly.

soon they will all fall before me.

ok! that took awhile! see you in part 5! question for the cast: who is your new favorite shi[ after 3 new episodes? comment down below! still taking applications...

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