Good burns to use on your enemies *lol don t*
Good burns to use on your enemies *lol don t* :) stories
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natty_hat It was never meant to be
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comment wich one you liked best!

Good burns to use on your enemies *lol don t*

look, I dont have that many enemies but like I thought some of these where funny alot of these are just ways to ruin peoples days lol disclaimer: I did not make these and they are copyright to alot of social media people wich I might tag or I might forget lol

' your likje a ray of sunshine; you burn peoples eyes and give them cancer.

if I had a dollar for every time I thought about the insane amount I loved you. ' I would be broke.

Im suprised your mom isnt rich because on the day of your birth she discovered the middle finger.

your butt hole must be jealous of all the poop that comes out of your mouth.

you must have been born on a highway. thats where most of the accidents happen.

ok thats all....

*just so you know dont use these please mosts of them are mean and in the wrong context could really hurt someones feelings. But I had fun making this so yeah * :)

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