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The story of dick rich the stupid guy who loved his sugar. Dick was walking down the road, he stumbled on pots of gold, rainbow was in sight, he fled with a flight, with his pockets full of tons of money.

The story of dick rich the stupid guy who loved his sugar.

Dick was walking down the road, he stumbled on pots of gold, rainbow was in sight, he fled with a flight, with his pockets full of tons of money.

At the store he gave all his gold for all the sugar in the world and came back to his house with sugar like no one before.

When dick gave it thought he thought of one thing, what if I ate this all in one day, the moon was lit a full moon it was and tonight was the night dick rich would get stuffed.

Morning came and all the sugar was gone all the tons upon tons upon tons of sugar was none. There sat dick rich with his belly real full with his fat big ass being the new moon.

What's this what's this, he said real quiet because today was the day he would shit, politely, the toilets were he went yes indeed it was and out little dicky down the toilet in a rush.

Oh my he said how horrible that was no more sugar anymore, because there was none.

Dick did know about the gold, that which he snuffed, he saw the rainbow and he said whippe cuz the other side of it would be for keeps, alas he was there and indeed there was some,

infact so much more than the last time before so he crammed his pockets with all the gold he could and down to the sugar depot is were he went.

Sugar sticks, sugar,

even raw sugar too was what's on his mind indeed 'Yoo Hoo' all the gold gone away the trucks full of it all sugary was on its way back to his home where sat around til it was there,

infact little dicky was still in the air.

Ohh I wonder how long this will take he cried and then round came the copter with bit of a suprise,

today was the day he would have all the sugar he needed to be as high as a bird screaming look out an eagle,

now his hole house was full his backyard too even the neighbors had sugar blocking their view, one bite, its all gone, oh no too much, his belly was a plump as a plump,

a monster dick was sad oh his weight then what a surprise oh no it was too late, dick ran around town so big and so humble causing earthquakes to make people fear and tumble,

oh no oh no said dick rich indeed as he tripped on a house and flew across the street.

Oh no how stinky said people like eee and then flew little dicky into space farting away until he couldn't be seen.

Space is where he went an alien planet indeed then dick was slim and alien sugar is what he had seen he ran to it all and ate as much as he can monster dick was back farting and turning

around then dick made it back home after eating alien sugar with the aliens all mad they lost all their splunder the town was stinky wrecked and all and the townspeople were mad at rich being

so in love with sugar dick ran back home hated and feared and then what's this he said in a cheer sugar was there he had no idea how it turned out nasa had given him some sugar everyday was

the curse of good dick who was glad to devour all of it now this is the most he had ever seen it was more that eat all in one setting alas he had ate as much as he could little dicky was

getting a friend in just a minute but what's this a noise Godzilla was in town so dick ate as much as he could there he was a monster all of it was gone and Godzilla had a match a match

he wouldn't won dick fought him with sugar and his hyped up feels a bite from Godzilla was not even a feeling Godzilla lost dick had one Godzilla had a note that sugar was more dick went to

his pair farting all the way there still a monster indeed no sugar was there dick was bigger than the world in all and then floated a way dick in a sugar crush.

Dick had lifted to fight a sugar man dick had powers from being a sugar fan now dick was fighting all the sugar people eating them all as they fell from being feeble

the sugar soldiers fighting almost as big as him and firing missles like a sugar kid the sugar soldiers had fallen indeed they had then dick sucked them up never being the same again

a sugar god he had become indeed he did then making a decision to have sugar for all he harvested sugar from the sugar farms and then sugar flew from the sky everyone in town had a smile

and sugar people emerged just like dick rich and a nother story had begun about the townpeoples kids. That's all bye.

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