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Where do we go after we die? What is truly out there? A short story focusing on a depressed teenager who commits suicide to find happiness.

Rest In Peace

Thump, thump, thump. The last sounds of my heart beating, my inevitable death. Perhaps it could have been prevented had the cashier not sold me those razor blades.

Or if someone texted me even a second before I dug the razor into my arms, before the cold water I sat in had turned a deep blackish red.

Or maybe nothing could have stopped this and maybe it was meant to happen, just like I was meant to be here floating above my lifeless body.

The bathroom door rattles, I float in front of it imagining what could happen in the next few seconds. What a sight my mother was about to see and the pain she was about to feel.

The door opens and she stands stiff as a board, staring at my body that is submurged in bloody water. She shakingly let's out a scream, a powerful agonising scream.

She runs to the tub but slips on the wet bloody tiles and falls to the floor forcing her to crawl the rest of the way to me.

She trembles to pick up her phone to call the ambulance while the water in the tub ripples as her tears fall into it.

I slowly reach out to her, she pauses noticing the tiny hairs on her neck stand up "Why?" She asks looking at my body. "I'm sorry" I say aloud, even though she can't hear me, I say it.

Then in a second without me doing anything, I fly out of the room through the ceiling until I'm flying further away from my house. I can't stop it, the force is too strong I'm like a magnet being pulled by an invisible force.

I fly at an unexplainable pace up into the sky until I am now in space flying across the universe, watching the planets and the stars dance around me.

Then in an instant everything disapppears and it feels like I am no where, but it is so no where that it's everywhere and everything. And now I am just here.

Chills suddenly fill my entire exsistence as something small appears in the distance. I'm not sure what it is, it looks like a small glimmer of prosperity, a blinding yet compelling white light.

It's getting closer to me and as it gets closer I feel a rushing sensation of euphoria becoming stronger.

I can see someone, an old friend waving me toward them, but not from this life time, another. I'm starting to remember things I had forgotten. I feel I am floating now toward them like a magnet.

The closer I get the more people I can see, friends and family from many other lifetimes. I remember them all and remember where I came from, the white light.

I finally join them and become apart of this glowing prosperous white light once again. I'm crying of happiness, a kind of happiness I thought I'd never feel again. Peace.

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