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nateisblue Trying to be a writer, failing miserably
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Final flight


This morning Lovelier than the forest’s aroma A golden sunrise Dripping like honey Green leaves stained orange

Surrounded by trees I too want to be still Between the air, an oak Intricate and mighty

A bluebird sits On a branch of my tree Bluebird, was your favourite flower still there? If it were to rain Would you be scared?

Bluebird How I marvel at your perfections A contrast to my edges How wonderful your song A melody attuned to my imperfections

Is your path similar to my own? Predetermined by forces that be? Will you fly further than my mind can see? Bluebird please don’t leave

How my heart weeps knowing that you to must leave Alone in this moment, I to must leave Like you this tree i call home Throughout the night it whispers “You to must come home,”

Bluebird please remember my story One day I hope you’ll sing of my glory Forgive my weakness for I am not worthy You see I’ve come home early For this is the end of my story.

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