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A poem about heart break.
By Natasha J Bella

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Broken Heart

By Natasha J Bella

You’re upset, you feel sick, your life has been destroyed

You’re breaking down, you’re crying, you’re sad and you’re annoyed

You’re angry and irrational, you even want revenge

You’re on the brink, you feel so low, you want the hurt to end

You feel so bad you cannot eat, you want to stay in bed,

You cannot talk, you’ve cried so much your eyes are bloodshot red

You cancel plans, you’re in no fit state to be seen at all today

You’ve no idea how your life goes on or how long you’ll feel this way

You’re devastated, you can’t go on, you don’t know how this happened

You want to go back and change it all, you want to change the pattern

You’re looking back and thinking through all the things that you did wrong

You regret your mistakes, you realise them now, only now though when they’ve gone

You want to beg for another chance and try to put things right

You want to say sorry for everything, the arguments, the fight

You want to apologise for all the things you know got on their nerves

You cannot believe they’ve done this to you, this is not what you deserve

Your heart is aching, you feel broken, a pain like nothing before

You want to see them, you want to talk, you want to settle the score

You’re hoping if you get that chance they might have changed their mind

You might be able to patch things up and this time you will be kind

You will not curse, you will not shout at all the minor things

You will be nice, you will be chilled, you’ll try to hide mood swings

You’re ready to promise anything now, to make the bad stuff better

You’re thinking it through, you’re working it out and writing it in a letter

You hope that if they read it then they’ll really get what you’re saying

You spell it out, pour out your heart, you’re hoping and you’re praying

You want to know if they feel as though they could come back home

You want to welcome them with open arms and no longer be alone

You’re sure they must still love you, you need to know you’re liked

You’re sure their feelings couldn’t change for you just like that overnight

You’re wondering what else to say to get things back on track

You’re ready to resort to begging and pleading for them to come back

You can’t get your mind together, you don’t know where to start

You’re emotional, it’s so painful suffering from a broken heart.

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