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Hey 👋 guys So I had this idea when I was going home from school

Writing course

Hey 👋 guys

So I had this idea when I was going home from school

And namely, to create a writing course / support group for beginner writers

I will still need to work out all the details

But...the question is this: would you be interested to take part in this ordeal?)))

I want to make a trial run for 10 days. I’ll be talking about my journey as a writer and creative, will be sharing the lessons I’ve learned and everything to possibly help you

There will be tasks once or twice per week. It will be all about writing and getting better at writing and helping you to get published with well-established online magazines.

I would then create a WhatsApp group where I send all the messages to everybody and then you’d send me your “homework” to me privately

I’m still on a middle stage of my writing career.

Book is almost written and almost ready to get published (I have a crazy idea about it, i have a lot of ideas).

since it takes a lot of time and energy to do it and it’s a bit far from my day job, I’m taking my time doing it all.

I’d be very grateful for your input and awaiting your responses. 😌🤗🙏

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