Once upon a time
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nataliiatotkajust another girl in a big world
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I was told I wasn’t good enough, I was laughed at and I was depraved of the most humane things.

Once upon a time

There was a girl

A girl who wore her heart on her sleeve until it made no sense, until it was torn apart, until she stood there and contemplated hurting herself because emotional pain was too much to bear. It had to have come out from somewhere else. She physically tortured herself. And she felt better. Unfortunately, not long enough

They realized they might have hurt her badly. They realized they screwed me up. Friends who never cherished me, boys who used me in their wicked games, random acquaintances who didn’t get the chance to know my beautiful heart hidden deep down.

Once upon a time there was a girl

The rest of the essay you can find on my medium profile: medium.com/@ natalietotka ❤️🤗 Thank you for reading 📖🙏

Disclaimer: All art is taken out from Pinterest and doesn’t belong to me

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