I was hurt and the only way out was in
I was hurt and the only way out was in  writing stories

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He made me laugh like no one else, he didn’t concentrate on my flaws, he made me the happiest I’ve ever been. It made no sense when he gave it all up.

I was hurt and the only way out was in

I literally had to write “I can do it” a hundred times in my little burgundy notebook every day to pull through. Once again I was shown exactly what I didn’t want.

I wanted a person who wouldn’t give up on me, who would fight for me, who would make me better and who would love me beyond reason.

He left and I became that person for myself. I started accepting all the ways I am me, I found out that there is no one out there who can do what I can, and there is no other me out there.

And I’ve been becoming the best version of myself since.

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