The Wall.

nataliafltCommunity member
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Staring straight up at the wall.

The Wall.

by nataliaflt

As the wind blows it blows me near to you.

My heart's begging to beat in sinc with yours.

Our eyes meet much more often than they should.

And the smiles we give each other make my heart stop a little.

But then there's this wall named HE.

HE just passes by and your smile disappears and your eyes never meet mine.

HE looks at you and you stop talking to me almost like you're afraid.

But I am too. Because you make my days shine the brightest and HE takes the light out of them now.

HE represents this huge big wall just standing there not moving. Just messing things up.

Would you be willing to take this wall down? Because if you did I would not hesitate.

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