Crazy just like me
Crazy just like me lovestory stories

nataliaflt Community member
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Not every couple is as crazy as we are.

Crazy just like me

by nataliaflt

Our love story just started but it was probably the best thing I've decided to start in a long time.

I never thought I'll be that person who wakes up thinking of another human being. And here I am waking up thinking of you.

I never thought I'll be counting the minutes to see you and kiss your pretty face. And I still do it every day.

I am SO that person who wants to spend every single second of the day with that one person that holds my heart in the palms of his hands.

I give you weird nicknames and you just laugh and look at me like I'm crazy for calling you that but you never say it's weird even though you know it is.

But baby you're just as crazy as I am. And that's why it works. Me crazy in love with you and you crazy in love with me.

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