Ode to the Hopeless Romantic
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For all the romantics at heart

Ode to the Hopeless Romantic

In another

I am 15 and you are my first love

Its hot

Its summer

Of course it is

And you are GLISTENING

you are on my father's ranch

Wrangling horses

Heaving hay bails



cow shit

off the fence

because bessy won't stop shitting in the most inconvenient places

And like that cow shit

I am melting

Dripping off the fence

Tracking every time your lips curve up

And eyes find mine

In another

Grape juice stained hands

The crisp winds chapping your soft lips

And I don't even know your name

And you're here for a week

And my mother thinks you look like the kind I would shatter myself for

And who even cares?

And like 99 cent flip flops you bought me right after my sandals snapped running through baskets of grape vines

Some summer things are just that

And like the last popsicle melts under the remaining heat

You are gone

In another

I am gone

It is your last summer

You tell our children how we met

How your dog dashed away from you

You joke

How he ran towards me like he knew I was going to be home

And the punchline is my heart did the exact same thing

And there were sunrises with coffee together

And take out dinners by the tv

And nights where we walked the dog separately

And when I asked you to stay

Even as I was going

You stayed

But in this one

I don't get santorini summers

Or hot chocolate in swiss winter

God knows we can barely afford this tiny flat

Maybe I won't ever get the perfect moment where everything becomes a metaphor

But I have you

In this mundane place at this mundane time

And the light glinting off your glasses,

The muggy stuffy heat of our broken air conditioning,

Our two worn out sandals scattered by the door

Feels just summer

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