Adventures start from somewhere...(Series)
Adventures start from somewhere...(Series) rayman legends stories

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"Huh?" You said bewildered. "Of course I did, now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She uncovered your eyes with a smile of confidence. You loved her so much.


Adventures start from somewhere...(Series)

(l) No, I do not want sympathy...


"ON IT!" Battle ready, The girl flew above your head. Her hand firmly grasped the handle of the tri-pronged spear and with the devil's smile, she thrust it towards her prey aggressively.

But Before the tip of the trident could puncture the pitiful creature, it hastily scrambled to dodge, making the spy miss poorly,

but also making her change her position to land a deep nasty slice to its abdomen.

"NNNNNRRRRRGHHH!!" It thrived in anger and pushed her back in force, keeling to the ground to form a dark bubble to shield off any more incoming attacks.

She took a breather. The more the female strikes, the slower it attacks but that's not good either.

The more time it takes to defeat it, The abnormal beast will just regenerate a new form that is way worse than its last.

It pushed her body to the limit. The agent was nearly finished as a long sweat beat down her white brow. When Two times to stand up failed, she slumped back down to the ground.

Man, would you kill to help her out but currently, your situation is the same as hers. You were trapped within plant vines that held you hostage for its next meal.

You wiggled but it did you no good as the thorns dug into your skin, eating the nutrients from your body viciously.

"Ursula..." Your voice echoed in her ears. Why were you so useless? "URSULA!!" Thank god she got up.

The agent's body screamed in agony as she propped herself against her weapon, begging her legs to stand. You have to admit, she's a very feisty little Urchin.

She won't go home 'til the fight is done.

You were unable to move. A trail of dust blew where she last was. The Sea witch ran across the field. "JUST DIE ALREADY!" She yelled. She about had it up to here with this demon.

She had a lot of time on her hands and she didn't feel like wasting It all on this one inconvenience that doesn't seem to know the action of stop and the word forfeit.

you squirmed because you Felt itchy. Again, A painful expression ran across your face. You couldn't feel your legs.


The dark-skinned girl's shiva slammed across the evil thing's back with immense force. You twitch uncomfortably. You wanted this all to end. 'Please...' You muttered a short prayer to nobody.

You hoped.

And it came true.

"!" The ground of Olympus Maximus rumbled its own low note in return to your wish. Ursula's voice wavered.

''Huh? What's happening?!'' The floor became unbelievably heavy with the sound of Zeus's thunder cackling menacingly in turmoil.

You hacked at the air's density with eyes shut tightly from the dust.

"rrrrhrnnnrr?" The creature whirred, using this to its advantage as it leaped across the battleground and into another framed picture.

Ursula looked around wildly until her eyes were set on your position.

She panicked not only at your halfway devoured state but also at the floor underneath you giving way leaving just a crater in which you would soon perish.

The silver-haired teen shouted your name. "WAIT THERE!" She couldn't even focus on the objective anymore. If you were maimed, there's no doubt that she would blame herself.

Especially if she asked YOU, in particular, to help her kill the damn thing that's been irritating the shit out of the city of the seas for quite a while.

She gained her mobility then sprinted towards you. The floor crunched underneath her heels and made it harder for her to keep balance. The gap between You both was near a close.

She shoved her hand out towards you.

"GrAb O-" She coughed "HOld oN tO ME!!" she screamed as she ripped the vines individually from your body.

The spikes cut her gloves and left scars in her palms that bled hard but she wasn't phased.

You could barely hear snippets of her sentences over the massive destruction going on around you. Your fear of heights was also another reason you tuned her out.

A drawn-out whine escaped your lips as you couldn't even bother to look down. Hell, you can't look up or even open them to see what might happen to you.

''IT's OkaY...." The girl said in reassurance. Her leather wear held your body tightly to hers. "I've got you.'' She drew a smile on her face.

Your eyes fluttered a couple of times before opening up fully looking into hers.

Lo, and behold was it a beautiful sight to see. A red tint flushed her cheeky sincere face that made you feel more at ease. 'Pretty...' You thought in trance of her sweet embrace.

There was a small space that the both of you slowly filled together. Ursula's eyes closed and you managed to get a small portion of her back.

You moved forward. You expected full-on lip action but earned a mere peck on the forehead instead. So close too.

You melted in embarrassment. ''?'' The African-Dreamerican mumbled questionably as she felt you release your hold. she looked down at your flustered face, never moving her head from yours.


An instant wave of shock came over the both of you. Ursula's cheek violently smacks against your temple and your poor face twisted with such a grimace.

You squealed in pain as the back of your cranial made impact with a piece of stone debris. Ursula accidentally lets go of you and you plummet to the earth silently.

You were paralyzed as the power of gravity pulled onto you any which way you flew to. "...." All you could see was red. Red. A gust of it spit out from the back of your head.

You were in so much pain that you became numb. Powerless in the sky's charge.

A flash of white flooded your vision and at that moment, you felt you were home.

'Happy birthday!'

'Thank much....for everything....'

'I love you.'

You finally disappeared.

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